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Lightening the load in the reply experience

Booking Assistant

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Properties rank is affected by response time. Slow response-time sets listings lower down in their segment, which results in fewer visitors, and fewer bookings.

The task of replying and answering the same questions without an easy way to can responses was a clear opportunity. Our team put together a concept scenario to show where we could do most of the lifting.

We implemented some known-patterns in messaging to utilize our AI tech. This dramatically reduced response time for property owners. Besides letting the AI chat bot respond to questions, this feature helped show the potential match of a booking, and integrated quote management with smart templates and functions.

Initial Notification
(shows % match)
Expanded View With Actions
Conversation View With Quote Functions
Expanded Templates and Quote Functions
Add Pet Fee in Conversation View
A Shorter, Smoother Path to Bookings

Initial Quote View

Conversation UI

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