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Golf Scope is an iPhone app that uses the camera to read the contours of a surface between 2 points. Once you know exactly what all of the undulation is between the ball and the hole, the app can project a visualization of the aim point and the path the ball could take to make it into the hole. This takes the guess-work out of reading a putt when you're out playing a round of golf.

To compliment the core feature, we also added sophisticated putt history tracking, settings to choose between a conservative or aggressive path, video recording features, and an innovative "stimp meter" (a way to measure how fast the green is).

I joined the team while the product was in the early prototyping phase. Having been impressed with how well the demo worked, I was excited to craft a user experience and brand the app deserved.

The app received multiple features in the App Store including Golf Apps We love, August 2019. The app reached #5 in Sports in the App Store June 2018, shortly after it had launched. It's since recorded millions of putts by users on the green.

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