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If you know what Topgolf is, and what the Oculus Quest is, there isn't a lot more to say... Except that this VR multiplayer game's feature-set includes the full Topgolf experience that you play with up to 8 friends in real-time, a private island with a yacht to practice chipping, a corn hole game, and a whole putting world with four 9-hole courses in unique environments like icy mountains & rolling forest hills that only VR could bring you to. Also, we built this entirely with the 4-person Golf Scope team.

Another awesome UX lift is a feature that lets you browse YouTube and offers playlists to listen to your favorite music while you're playing a game.

Obviously this was unlike any project I've ever worked on. My role as a UX designer was truly stretched as I expanded my learning into designing for real-time 3D graphics.

Working on a VR product was like entering a whole new frontier. Best practices were pretty new and evolving all the time. Translating 2D to 3D was like nothing I had expected. While utilizing known approaches to product design, and learning new concepts of game design, our small team worked tirelessly to release a hugely successful game on a brand new platform.

Below are some UI designs I liked from this project.

Change Clubs UI

Game UI

In-Game Menu

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